Join a group of 10-20 people on a 13 day trip spent on a college campus teaching, touring with students, and building friendships.
    Join our team of teachers at one of the participating universities teaching oral English and American culture.
    We teach in six different schools located in 4 different cities near Beijing.
    Read about the fun learning experiences our students and teachers had together, and of course, the new friendships made.

IECS is an organization currently serving students in northeast China through both conducting short-term English leadership weeks as well as placing long-term English teachers in university campuses in China.
Our Mission
Our desire is to enhance the personal success of every student by equipping them with English and leadership skills as well as providing a unique opportunity for cultural exchange with Americans.
James- Sophomore student from Lang Fang Teachers College

During the English Week, you have given us so much that we will spend all of our lives thinking about them. We will never forget the place where we met, it is where love and friendship began. You taught us leadership principals, made us confident and full of passion. We will never forget the scene […]

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Grace Wang – Associate Dean of Foreign Languages, Hebei University

Thanks to your outstanding organization, our students and teachers had the opportunity to appreciate the brand-new way of making English learning so enjoyable as well as instructive, which is really unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The more important thing is the English Week offered a good chance for both of us to increase mutual understanding […]

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Lang Fang College’s Student Newspaper

Education instructs the mind, friendship teaches the heart” is the slogan of the International English and Cultural Studies (IECS) who have done so much for us during the May English Week. During the English Week we have learned a lot from our American friends about their culture and way of life. They bring us good […]

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